Handwritten Legacy Archival Copy



This is an á la carte item, it includes:

⋅ 1 archival book copy of an original handwritten legacy already on digital file

Our archival books are handmade to last 300+ years.  We use library buckram to cover our archival books.  This material is a heavy weight book cloth that is extremely durable, mildew resistant, and even water resistant.  It is the choice material libraries use to recover heavily used books.

All of our paper is acid and lignin free.  It is made from at least 30% post consumed fibers.  The paper has the FSC mark meaning it meets the mark of responsible forestry, green-e certified (made with 100% green electricity, carbon neutral certified, and is processed chlorine free.)

Need another copy of the book in the future?  Additional copies don’t stop here. When we have the book in digital format you (or any of your family members) can order more copies simply using the unique ID code located inside any other existing copy of the book; or contacting us directly if all copies are misplaced and/or lost.

NOTE*  Should you wish to purchase this item, please include a unique ID code in the “order notes” section during checkout. The unique ID code can be found on the copyright page of the original handwritten legacy book for which you wish to obtain a copy.