The keepsake you can share.

Easily document a loved one's stories with a Handwritten Legacy™ book and then share it with the whole family.

How it Works

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Choose items from the drop down menus on the product page that best reflect the individual.  This creates a ‘profile’ of the individual that allows us to generate a custom handwritten legacy™ with personalized writing prompts.  Once the profile selections have been made, add the product to the cart and complete checkout.


Once we receive your order we will generate your custom eBook and email you a PDF file available for download immediately. Your eBook is then ready to print and/or share in any format you see fit!


Print the book on your home printer or through your favorite print shop.  The options are limitless! And more importantly, so are the number of copies you can make. Once the book is completed, make copies and share your loved one's stories with the whole family. Afterall, stories are for sharing.

The perfect last minute gift

In three simple steps customize, download and print perhaps the most thoughtful gift you’ll ever give. Preserve your family's one of kind stories with just a few easy clicks. 

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