Copyright Information


If you buy a book from us, it will come with a letter giving you (the buyer) permission to make and distribute copies of your filled-out book for personal use. So if grandma fills it out and has 30 children/ grandchildren who want a copy, that is fine. You can copy and distribute through Kinkos, your own copier, even a site online that prints books. That is the whole point! This is also the reason this site and service were born. If you buy a book from Amazon, or off the shelf at Barnes & Noble you won't be able to legally do this.


We own the rights to our custom books and do not allow anyone to copy, distribute, or sell/resell our books. This is printed on the second page inside the pdf book you will receive. Our whole philosophy is that stories are for sharing, which may make you think "I thought we could make copies?". We have to do this to protect our investment in making this service and to keep providing it in the future. This means you can't buy a book from us, copy it or any of the questions inside, and distribute/transmit it. So, in other words, we don't want you to buy a book for grandma and email it to your friend for their grandma, or take our book pdf and post it online, or copy our questions and sell them. We have spent hundreds of hours making questions and making the questions work based on the questionnaire. Any two books filled out with the same questionnaire are randomly created by us and will be different anyway.


It is against our philosophy for you to sell the book commercially or for profit in any way; filled out or not. Stories are for sharing. If you are wanting to sell the books or use them commercially please contact us to discuss.