What is a Handwritten Legacy™?

A handwritten legacy™ is a one of a kind, keepsake book to be filled with a person’s life stories that together make up their lasting legacy.

Each book is uniquely tailored for the recipient, consisting of approximately 200 pages of writing prompts about their life, memories, experiences, and thoughts.  Our goal with every book is to bring up old memories, recount long lost feelings, and capture it all in handwriting.  It is our purpose that you hear a story you never have, or learn something special about your loved ones you might have otherwise never known.


Create a handwritten legacy for your grandma, your dad, your great-aunt Barb, or even yourself. Then make copies for the whole family: one for each of your siblings, cousins, kids or grand-kids. Discover (and re-discover) all of great-grandpa's stories from the war, or Mom and Aunt Mary's shenanigans your hear about every Thanksgiving.  Share special memories with your own kids that are a part of their unique story and might otherwise be forgotten.  

Tuck it away for safe keeping, pull it from your bookshelf when family is in town over the holidays or indulge in it daily as a your new favorite coffee table book.


Every book includes multiple sections. Some sections appear in every book, like questions about: childhood, parents, and thoughts.  Other sections may or may not appear based on profile selections made prior to checkout. This customization is what makes this product unique and every book one of a kind. Sections include: Profile, Early Life, Heritage, Education, Military, Career, Immigration, Family, Marriage, Children, Religion, History, Travel, Thoughts

We won't ask someone born in the 60's about WWII or a person who never traveled about their favorite vacation spots.  Our unique process allows us to use question prompts you won't find anywhere else. To ask specific questions about a veteran's military service and the branch they served, a mother with adopted children about the ups and downs throughout the adoption process, or an immigrant about their first day in the US.

The book is set up to guide the person along; starting with a family tree, then moving on to simple factual questions about their childhood, eventually progressing to more thought provoking or emotional items.  Every Handwritten Legacy™ includes four pages of write-in questions.  No matter how good we get at coming up with great questions we still know that nobody knows this person better than you (or yourself).  We hope this space prompts a specific story they have told for years that needed to be captured in writing, for advice, or anything important that needs to be recorded for generations to come.  The book ends with four pages dedicated to our namesake, the Handwritten Legacy™.  It is in this section we ask the recipient to write about whatever they want; special memories, thoughts, or advice they want to leave with their loved ones.