Meet the Creators

Laura is a self-proclaimed farm wife wannabe living with her husband Nick and four kids on their tiny farm in southwest Ohio.  You can find her: writing, reading, blogging, chasing her kids, dogs and chickens, in the kitchen, behind a camera,  doing DIY projects or otherwise “mom-ing” it up — and trying to do it all with a little bit of grace. Oh, and trying to not eat (all of the) chocolate.
Nick is a jack of all trades, master of well, also all of them, living with his wife Laura and four kids on their tiny farm in southwest Ohio.  You can find him: researching a new skill, learning on YouTube, chasing his kids, dogs and chickens, in the barn, under a car, truck, or tractor, building their very own little cabin in the woods or otherwise fixing absolutely anything that needs fixed — and doing it all with a big smile on his face.