Our Story

You might say our story — of how Handwritten Legacies came to be — started the day that Nick’s dad came to us with a simple question.  That when we offered a quick solution it sparked a bigger idea, and a better way for all of us to write and share our own stories.  But really, our story started long before…

At the start of summer 2013, just after our oldest Wyatt was born, Nick and I each scribbled down on separate pieces of paper the things that were most important to us in life — a ‘rocking chair test’ exercise if you will.  Alongside other important items, on both of our lists were: own my own business.

I wasn’t prepared that day for how heavy that little line-item would weigh on my heart in the years coming, nor the vigor with which God would weave it into our days.  It’s a crazy thing when you whisper to life a dream.  This entire business was completely conceived out of a dream I didn’t know could ever come to life.  It’s truly only because a fiercely committed and fearless husband pushed me to pursue my dream, our dream, that it ever came to be.